When The Sky Was Too Low

By Adam Bestwick

About the book

Once upon a time, the sky was annoyingly low. Clouds couldn’t find their place, birds couldn’t fly and adults had to bend and stoop whilst walking.

Needing to solve the problem before they become adults too, the children form a plan that not only lifts the sky to its rightful place, but creates the starry night sky in the process.

The Author / Illustrator

Adam Bestwick is a Wirral-based graphic designer with over 27 years experience in the creative sector. Adam’s irreverent character creation ‘RaNT!’ won the ‘License This’ award at Brand Licensing Europe 2014. He has both written and illustrated other titles including More Ketchup Please, Robot Stop! and The Bean Machine and has written The Chicken That Hatched a Cow.

He is married with three kids, and when he’s not illustrating, writing or designing, he enjoys walking, and the odd glass of wine!