What’s Frog Thinking?

By Nico Hercules

About the book

Have you ever wondered what frogs think about and could
 they have fantastic imaginations?

We follow the wandering mind of a frog while he silently ponders on his lily pad leaf, meeting some interesting characters along the way including a curious shrew, a singing otter and an odd pair of llamas!

The Author / Illustrator

Nico Hercules has been working in the creative industry as a graphic designer and art director for nearly 20 years and has been involved in various national campaigns, including Vimto Soft Drinks, where he became the literary voice of cult poet Purple Ronnie.

Nico has also written and illustrated the children’s picture book Where’s Polar Bear?

When he’s not at work trying to come up with ideas, he’s at home with his 6-year-old daughter stealing hers.