The Three Little Superpigs

By Claire Evans

About the book

Everybody loves the original, classic fairytale of The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf... but what happened next?

After defeating the Big Bad Wolf the recently named ‘Three Little Superpigs’ spend their time fighting crime and enjoying their new found fame. But one day chaos descends… The Big Bad Wolf has escaped from prison plunging Fairyland into fear! Can the Three Little Superpigs find him and foil his plans before it’s too late?

The Three Little Pigs are back with a twist in this thrilling, fast-paced sequel of the classic fairytale.

The Author / Illustrator

Born in Liverpool, Claire Evans is a talented young illustrator with a diverse range of styles who enjoys injecting a sense of fun into her work.

A graduate from Liverpool John Moores University, Claire’s other books include; The Chicken That Hatched a Cow, Robot Stop, The Bear and the Hair, My First Library and The Croc and the Sock.