The Mood Hoover

Written by Paul Brown | Illustrated by Rowena Blyth

About the book

Stan is a moody, miserable boy, who invents a device that sucks up all of the fun and happiness from around him. First off, he starts with his sister’s pink bedroom... But it quickly escalates to bigger things... Will anyone be able to put a stop to Stan and his Mood Hoover before everything that is ‘pretty and nice’ is gone?

A curious story about growing up and coming to terms with our emotions and moods, and how different things can affect them.

The Author

After gaining his artist badge as a Boy Scout, Paul Brown decided to pursue a career in Art and Design. Now, with over 30 years experience in the creative industry behind him, he has served in senior creative positions for some of the best ad agencies and design companies outside of London.

With a love of ideas and a flair for imaginative copywriting, Paul has scooped numerous awards including Roses and Cream for his creativity in advertising, design and digital.

Paul is author of The Boy who Switched Off The Sun and The Hackney Martian.

The Illustrator

Rowena Blyth’s illustration work scooped her a Henries Award for her beautiful character-led greetings cards. With a talent for graphic design too, her stationery has featured in high-street retailers such as John Lewis and Waterstones.

Rowena’s other works include The Hackney Martian, Goodnight Hoot, Milo’s Black and White World, and First Learning Libraries for both her character creations Milo and Give a Hoot.