The Croc and the Sock

By Claire Evans

About the book

Croc wakes up one morning to find a smelly sock outside his door! Storming around grumpily, the moody Croc accuses all the other animals of leaving the stinky sock behind. But whose sock could it be!?

The Croc and the Sock is an appealing hand puppet book for young children exploring the themes of false accusations and daily cleaning tasks, interjected with silliness and a 
bold personality. The puppet book is perfect for reading time – parents and children can practise their crocodile grumbles!

A 360º rotatable mouth helps match Croc to the action on each page.

The Author / Illustrator

Born in Liverpool, Claire Evans is a talented young illustrator with a diverse range of styles who enjoys injecting a sense of fun into her work.

A graduate from Liverpool John Moores University, Claire’s other books include; The Chicken That Hatched a Cow, Robot Stop, The Bear and the Hair and My First Library.