The Boy Who Switched Off The Sun

Written by Paul Brown | Illustrated by Mark O’Hanlon

About the book

Marcel loved ice cream. I mean, REALLY loved ice cream!

The problem is, eating his beloved treat is challenging and comes with its own problems – mainly, it melts! To avoid a melting mess, Marcel tries to eat it quickly (but it gives him brain freeze) and in the dark (but it makes him scared) until one day he has an idea!

The sun is just like a great big light – he’d simply build a rocket, fly to the sun...and turn it off! And they’d be no more runny ice cream. Except Marcel doesn’t fully understand the impact of his actions until he returns to earth to find things turning unpleasant! He needs to undo his plan and turn the sun back on – but how?! A charming book for 5-7s which explores the environment, the sun, solar energy and ice cream!

The Author

After gaining his artist badge as a Boy Scout, Paul decided to pursue a career in Art and Design. Now, with over 30 years experience in the creative industry behind him, he has served in senior creative positions for some of the best ad agencies and design companies outside of London. With an eye for ideas and a flair for imaginative copywriting, Paul has scooped numerous awards including Roses and Cream for his creativity in advertising, design and digital.

The Illustrator

Mark has had a passion for drawing and writing from a young age, which eventually led him into being trained in film and animation. He has worked on a wide variety of projects for book publishers, television companies, animation studios, advertising agencies and on several award-winning children’s television series including Maisy Mouse, Spot the Dog and Bob the Builder. Mark is married to Jane Costello, top ten best-selling author of seven novels including Bridesmaids, The Wish List and her latest book, The Time Of Our Lives.