The Bean Machine

By Adam Bestwick

About the book

We all know beans are the musical fruit,
(The more you eat, the more you toot!)
But here’s a tale of a boy named Jack,
Who munched on beans with every snack.
In tomato sauce so thick and sweet,
These orange things were his favourite treat,
So here it is in all its glory...
An alternative Jack and The Bean story…,

Jack loves beans – with everything! but his passion for his favourite snack has huge consequences in this tale of messy food fun, machinery mayhem and ingenius recycling. Can The Bean Machine save the day?

The Author / Illustrator

Adam Bestwick is a Wirral-based graphic designer with over 27 years experience in the creative sector. Adam’s irreverent character creation ‘RaNT!’ won the ‘License This’ award at Brand Licensing Europe 2014. He has both written and illustrated other titles including More Ketchup Please, Robot Stop! and When The Sky Was Too Low and has written The Chicken That Hatched a Cow.

He is married with three kids, and when he’s not illustrating, writing or designing, he enjoys walking, and the odd glass of wine!